Our Multiple Investor Real Estate Investment Package

The acronym PIP™ stands for Packaged Investment Properties, which is a signature investment vehicle designed by Riviera Maya Realty.

This investment structure allows multiple investors the ability to participate in medium to large scale, fully turn-key real estate investment projects that typically range from three to ten apartments in a single complex.

Our expert investment team finds undervalued real estate in desirable or up-and-coming areas that present exceptional opportunities in the short-term vacation rental market.

Our unique advantage…
As co-owners of the building along with our investors, we are able to set the by-laws which govern the use of the property and allows us to offer the fully furnished apartments in the lucrative short-term vacation rental market.

Through our own highly successful vacation rental property management company, we manage the apartments using our experienced team of marketing specialists, booking agents, concierge and hospitality staff.

Invest in real estate with just $25,000…
For many investors looking to but real estate in Mexico, the lack of credit options means that only those with $200,000 USD in cash can realistically purchase property in Mexico.

The PIP™ investment structure allows smaller investors to take part in a larger investment, similar to the hugely successful crowdfunding phenomenon. For most investments, stakeholders can invest as little as $25,000 USD to get a piece of the burgeoning Riviera Maya real estate market.

While PIP™ is a relatively new term, Riviera Maya Realty has been doing these types of packaged investments since 2010 and we have a 100% proven track record of success in every PIP™ we have created.